Pristine beaches, eco resorts, and great vegan food is abundant in Tulum, Mexico. During my short trip to Tulum, not only was relaxing on the beach essential, but also discovering good healthy places to eat. These were my three favorites spots with organic and vegan options that I got to enjoy!

1. Charly’s Vegan Tacos

While in Mexico… eat some tacos right?! Charly’s probably has some of the best tacos in existence! The menu has a great selection of Mexican classics. Everything is homemade, organic, and vegan therefore making it one of the healthiest spots in Tulum. Located within the heart of the Tulum jungle, it couldn’t be a more relaxing spot for a nice meal. Friendly service and a fantastic owner as well! It is hard to not want to come here over and over again (which I did)! Charly’s is easy to find with it’s rustic yet charming design near Papaya Playa. Most noteworthy meals include the nachos and pastor mushroom tacos and make sure to try all of the spicy salsas available to you.















2. Raw Love Cafe

Raw love Cafe is a healthy Tulum paradise for vegan, nutritious, and for living food lovers. Situated in the Ahau Hotel Eco Resort  this gem is not to be missed! I was lucky enough to be staying at Ahau for a few days and therefore made sure to have Raw Love every single day I was in Tulum! An assortment of incredible drinks and raw meals during your trip to Tulum could almost always be a life saver. Most of all, I really enjoyed the pad thai and golden milk. Not only was everything on the menu very tasty, but also well thought out with very nutritious ingredients that definitely keep you energized from warm sunny days at the beach. The ambiance has an incredible eco-bohemian vibe with hammocks, tree trunk seats, and sand between your toes. Get your healthy fix at Raw Love Cafe!








3. Restaurare

Sometimes finding a spot with vegan organic options for a romantic evening dinner can be difficult, but Restaurare was perfect! Nestled within the jungle, I was surrounded by the beauty of Tulum nature and served incredible food. Due to the combination of vegan and organic ingredients with Yucatan cuisine made for a meal that I won’t forget! The Mole sauce was one of the best I’ve tasted and packed with so much flavor! Also, a nice touch was the organic mosquito repellant that came in handy to avoid getting bites.  I’ll definitely be going back on my next visit to Tulum!









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