Choosing beauty products that aren’t harmful to the environment is more important than you’d think. By choosing cruelty free you are using your voice for a bigger movement than just “cruelty free.” Debating on whether or not you want to purchase a product that isn’t cruelty free? Here are a few reasons why to pass on “animal tested” products.

1. Protecting animals

Animal testing is not a delicate and happy process. Over 22 million animals are used in tests each year in the US. About 200,000 animals die each year from cosmetic testing. This is mainly focused on eye and skin irritation tests, for example rubbing chemicals on shaved skin or squirting chemicals into eyes causing burning and irritation. These animals suffer from lots of pain, mistreatment, and unfortunately death. Cruelty free beauty products guarantee the production of the product in a way that does not harm animals, which is definitely hard to argue with, right?!


2. Save the environment

It is a time where humans are polluting the earth’s atmosphere with more chemicals than it can handle. Purchasing products full of harmful chemicals to you and the environment is the opposite of what we need to be doing to save our land. Invading natural environments for uses of chemical testing is an endangerment to our habitats as well. Animal testing requires more resources and harsh practices that are endangering the species.


3. Support a good cause

You choose to spend your money in anyway you put your mind to. You also choose which beauty companies you are willing to financially support. Are these companies participating in practices that you agree with? Is this something that you truly to advocate for? When you purchase cruelty free products, you know that you are not funding animal testing while supporting a good cause.


4. Healthier for you

Most cruelty free beauty products are healthier for you! Ingredients in cruelty free products are known to be safe for years and years due to previous testing. They are typically more natural, hopefully organic, and involving ingredients that aren’t as harsh for your skin. You are much more likely to  find a cruelty free product that is actually good for you or your skin.

5. Less chemicals

Less chemicals = less testing! Obviously if certain ingredients need to be tested on animals or are questionable, it is most likely not as safe for you. Some tests conducted measure the “lethal dose” of a certain ingredient so that there isn’t too much of that chemical that could be harmful. Cruelty free products contain less chemicals which not only is beneficial to your body, but beneficial to the environment!


6. Better testing

Don’t worry, there is still testing for cruelty free products! The tests are more scientific and technologically advanced. With new modern advances we have access to reconstructed skin and eye irritant tests involving permeability. When testing beauty products on animals there is still lack of scientific relevance which will require further testing scientifically. Skip the animal cruelty and get straight to the science of the whether or not it’s safe for you.


7. Feel better about where your money goes

Doesn’t it feel good when you make a purchase that is doing to something great? When we choose to buy something handmade by someone we know personally, cruelty free, or a product that can help your skin with natural ingredients, we are empowered. Empowered to spread the word and stand up for animal rights.


How can we make a difference?

  • Only choose cruelty free beauty! Look up the product before purchasing to make sure that the company is practicing in cruelty free testing. Refer to this guide to find products that are cruelty free – http://www.leapingbunny.org/guide/brands
  • Contact your favorite companies that are not cruelty free and urge them to change their practices
  • Pledge to be cruelty free



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