“To travel is to live”

~ Hans Christian Anderson


Welcome! My name is Christina and EcoTravelGirl is a place where I can share my most cherished things in life. Including travel, good eats, health tips, yoga, and beauty. I’m a twenty-something free spirit, originally from the west coast USA with big dreams. Throughout my younger years I traveled quite a bit, but within the last year I was confronted with a huge case of wanderlust and decided to perpetually travel the world.

Travel isn’t the only thing that’s on my mind though… I have a passion for doing what I can to make sure I live a long life, protect the earth, and limit my carbon footprint. I have been vegetarian (mostly vegan) for 4 years and eating mostly organic and non-GMO for about 3 years. It’s so important to eat clean, maintain a balanced diet, and do it sustainably no matter where you are traveling in the world. Sometimes it can be hard to find ORGANIC vegan food in parts of the world, but it is possible, and hopefully I can make it easier for you by sharing my experiences.

Eating well, meditation, and yoga have completely changed my life and I can’t even begin to explain how much fulfillment they bring. I’ve learned that it’s essential to feel good about your daily routine and your goals. Whether that be trying new cruelty free and natural beauty products, making conversation with a stranger, or taking time out of your day to relax in a nice bath. I want this blog to create a movement for you, and myself, in hopes that we will change our lives and everyone’s around us for the better.

I hope that you are able to find inspiration from Ecotravelgirl and get as much insight as your heart desires!

Feel free to contact me if you have more questions or just want to say hello!

See you soon!