It might sound like a crazy question to some, but I think more people ask themselves this more often than we think “but why should I travel?” It might seem obvious nowadays, but the whole world is at your disposal. You can grasp it with your very own hands and live through experiences that will last forever. But why take advantage of that? It’s so much more than just seeing the world. Whether this being seeing new cities, incredible natural wonders, amazing wildlife, people from different cultures, or a new tradition, you will never understand the true benefits unless you experience it. Here are my top 10 reasons why I believe traveling is essential.

1. You’ll want to DO MORE with the 24 hours in your day

When you spend time trekking from country to country while seeing as much as possible in a certain time frame, every single day is spent doing things that excite you the most. Using every minute doing something that is exciting while you travel will help you realize that this is possible at home. Laying around while traveling is usually done to relax and refresh but there is a purpose. Laying around while at home usually applies to watching Netflix and eating junk food. Time is precious, and traveling shows us that there is so much more that you can experience in one day. This phenomenon can help affect your day-to-day life and spring up more motivation to spend your time doing things that make you happiest. A more fulfilling life making every moment count.

2. Appreciation and admiration for all walks of life

It is so easy to get wrapped up in all of our own daily struggles when living in a situation where our surroundings are the same and the people are the same. BUT when you leave your surroundings and envelop yourself in an environment that is completely new, your thoughts become focused on whats around you rather than fixating on the small stuff. Observing a new culture and experiencing new routine can be nourishing to the spirit. It opens your eyes to appreciating how people can live in a way that you might have never thought you could. You will suddenly learn that your way of life isn’t the only way of life.

3. Time to get out of your comfort zone

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place… but nothing grows there.”

How can we grow if we don’t do something different? Push our boundaries and blossom into a new being. Something that challenges our daily luxuries and tendencies. Our perceptions, appreciations, adventurism, bravery, and confidence does not grow inside your comfort zone to the caliber that it could outside of it. It is essential to push yourself to new limits and bring change. It is so important to leap forward and get out of a stagnant lifestyle because there is so much potential for more. The desire to grow can take you further than imaginable.

4. Learn new languages

You know that feeling when you meet that person that can speak 3 languages and you wish that was you? Well, it can be! Even if it’s just the basics traveling makes learning new languages that much easier. I think we all can relate to the fact that having the ability to communicate through several languages is beneficial. Traveling forces you to do a bit of translation yourself whether you want to or not. You will exercise your brain in ways you never would if you did not leave your home country. It’s so much fun to learn a new languages and it is definitely recommend to learn basics of the country’s language that you are traveling to.

5. Try new things

Sometimes trying new things can be scary, but when you are traveling in a new and exciting place, you have that extra boost of confidence! Whether it be something that is risky, conquering a fear, making new friends, or trying new food; travel will give you more of the courage to do it all. Maybe that something new you try will give you a new hobby or you might meet your new best friend. Don’t let fear hold you back from trying something new.

6. Live with little

Depending on how you travel, you will have significantly less clothes, toiletries, etc. with you. Eventually there is some realization along the way that less is more. Having less to haul around makes things much easier and useful. Take things that matter most and that are most beneficial to bring with you on your travels. Honestly, picking and choosing what is most important can be quite difficult but traveling is the only way that can help you realize what you need most. As most of us have heard, possessions are not the key to happiness, but sometimes it can be so hard to grasp this. Traveling will allow you to experience happiness outside of possession but memories that will be cherished forever.

7. Find yourself and learn about your tendencies

Change your environment, change your clothes, change your friends, but you always have YOU no matter what. The fast pace of life and work can distract us from learning our true desires and ambitions. Spend time in a new environment and learn more about yourself. What do you take for granted? What is most exciting to you? How can you get to your goals? Take the time to travel and find out what makes you most happy. Learn about how you react to a stressful situation and how you can benefit from change or difficult tasks. Just this reason alone for travel will allow your soul to grow for the better.

8. Keep your body moving

Although there is a side to travel that can be quite lazy or relaxing, traveling makes us get up, see the world, and move your body. We can’t see the world from our couch, bedroom, or even your hometown. Seeing the historical sights, hiking a new trail, swimming in a new body of water, ALL require you to move your body when you normally might not. If you have a fitness routine at home, traveling can sometimes make it difficult to keep up with it, but when you do set aside time to continue to maintain your fitness it is so rewarding when you do it. Go explore and do something for the NOW that will help your body in the FUTURE.

9. Build new and exciting dreams

Ideas start flowing from the moment you are experiencing something different. In Paris you might suddenly have an excitement for baking. Italy might inspire you to grow a vineyard and have a wine business. Africa might inspire you to start a non-profit to help endangered species. How is it possible to find what you really love when you don’t see what is out there? There are people doing different things all over the world, but sometimes we forget about that. Each of us have an opportunity to do what excites us most! The world has so much to teach us, we must learn everything we can, and flow with our dreams to contribute to the world in a passionate way.

10. Memories that will last forever and stories for life

Stories of travel, experience, and people you meet along the way will last forever. Buying that new shirt or pair of shoes will not last forever, but memories will. There is so much fulfillment from a single day of exploring the world. Not only will these stories and memories be for you, but they will be for everyone around you. Your family, friends, children, and even acquaintances will be excited about your stories of travel. You’ve got nothing to lose and the world is at your disposal.